Moderate Adventure - Young India Adventure
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Moderate Adventure

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a very famous activity around the high hills of Himachal Pradesh. This adventure activity comprises of a climb, in which you are safely harnessed to a climbing rope, and you need to climb your way through either vertically up or vertically down or a challenging horizontal trek.


Another Adventure Sport we excel in is Rappelling. In this activity you are safely harnessed at the top a cliff edge. And then you have to gradually descend to the ground, all under the considerate gaze of a Rappelling Expert. This technique is also used by rescue teams as a way to access the injured and other people in distress.

Valley Crossing

Amongst moderately extreme adventure sports is Valley Crossing. Imagine the adrenaline rush, where you are hanging approx. 35 feet above the valley, harnessed to a climbing rope and then you have to cross that valley facing the sky, towards the opposite face of it. This activity is a beauty to behold and is generally located at a very high altitude.

Hot Air Ballooning

We Will make you experience something really ethereal with this gem in our jewel box. Yes, hot air ballooning is something to experience at least once in a life time. It is a very blissful experience, and you sure would want to do it more than just once. You can scan the panoramic glimpse of the area beneath you from a bird’s eye view.