Shimla - Young India Adventure
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Since being a little village with few houses, to being the summer capital of India in the colonial times Shimla has a lots of tales to share with you about its incredible historical journey through the sands of time. Plus its mesmerizing views will simply take your breath away. Looking for adventure tighten your seat belts, Shimla will never let you down as far as adventure is concerned.

The Mall

The hub of Shimla City, Jeweled with Colonial Architectural gems, like the Town Hall and the Gaiety Theater is the Mall Road. It Spans at 1.52 km.It’s a wonderful place to hangout and relax with your friends after a long adventure filled afternoon. It has good eateries with a plethora of cuisines starting from the local cuisines like Siddu And Poltu to the Chinese Dumplings, and Italian delicacies. Its Neighbors are very useful as well, like the middle bazaar right in the back alley. Lower Bazaar famous for its traditional Indian sweet-shops, inexpensive clothing and other household stuff.
The Ridge : On top of the Mall famous for the Anglicanism Christ Church Was built in 1857 to serve the Anglican British Community. It also houses the state library as well , now you know where to find the maps for your rugged treacherous treks through Himalayas.
Ice Skating Rink Shimla : Ice skating in Shimla is a hoot since the colonial times till this day if you see a red flag on top of the Town hall building that means you’re in luck and you can graze your shiny blades against the naturally formed ice, on top of largest Natural Ice Skating rink in South Asia.

Viceregal Lodge

This colossal edifice is one of the gifts of the colonial times to Shimla. Built in the Jacobethan style, it was Established in 1888. It was built as the Viceroy’s Residence during the British Reign over India. Built on the backs of mules and human workforce this beautiful monster edifice covers over 331 acres of land.

Mahasu Peak

Located 13km east from the Capital City Shimla is Mahasu Peak Kufri. Famous for the mahasu trek, located at 9000ft from the sea level its so high up that you can even look at the Kedarnath and Badrinath peaks (Uttrakhand) on a clear day when you reach the peak.


Chail is an old town located 55.1 km South of the Shimla headquarters. Known for the Chail Palace the summer retreat of Maharaja Bhupender Singh. the place is good for camping and hiking. It also hosts the world’s highest cricket ground, it was built for the maharajas to toss a ball or two.

Water Catchment Sanctuary

Situated North of Kufri this place is a mesmerizing mix of mountainous terrain covers an area of 1015.02 hectares. Where you can explore the flora and wild fauna of this beautiful place from the comfort of your own bike or a jeep safari.

Mashobra 2146m

8kms northeast of the Capital City Shimla is a beautiful town Mashobra. It houses a famous picnic spot up further east named Carignano located on a ridge facing north it’s a clean well-maintained picnic spot for families or group of friends.


Located on the west face of Mahasu. It hosts a zoological park named Kufri Wildlife Zoo you can take a close look at various animals in captivity. It also showcases the ever eluding Snow Leopard, a rarely seen feline in the snowy deserts of Kibber. Other animals include Leopards, Stags, musk deer, Wolves, Black Bears, and Brown Bears. It has also got a few eateries and a sprinkling of amusement parks. One should experience Skiing in Kufri at least once in a lifetime.


Has a Natural golf course with an area sprawling over 4285 yards is a beauty to behold. You can also take a ride on horse back to the dense forest above the golf course facing north.

Jakhoo Temple

Abode to the great hindu god Hanuman and filled with overly friendly monkeys who will gently try and slide the stuff out of your pocket, just don’t make much eye contact and you’ll be fine as paint and right as rain in our opinion. It also houses the great statue of the lord Hanuman himself standing tall at 108ft looking over the hill queen Shimla.

Lakkar Bazar

known for being a shopping spot for souvenirs, local wooden handicrafts and houses the roller skating rink as a timeout for some indoor sporting activity.