Kinnaur - Young India Adventure
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Kinnaur is a district of Himachal Pradesh whose altitudes vary from 2,320 to 6,816 metres, has endless possibilities for hard-core adventure viz. Zanskar Range, Kinner Kailash, The highest peak of Himachal Reo Purgill, are amongst the few of our favorite  mentions. Major rivers which flow through District Kinnaur are Baspa And Sutlej. An abundance of Apple, Chilgoza, and other dry fruits make it a good destination  for the connoisseurs of food. It was opened for outsider visits in 1989.

Kalpa and Rekong Peo

Both these towns are located at a distance of 3 kms from each other Rekong Peo being the district head quarters is a place of importance. Morning view of the Kinner Kailash mountains from kalpa is one breath taking scenery everyone should see in ones lifetime.

Sangla and Chitkul

Situated at the Indo China border is Chitkul one of the last Inhabited Villages of the world. You’ll find some mesmerising  views while traveling from Sangla to Chitkul. You realize because only a real traveller can gage the value of a journey.


Nako Lake frozen from the months of November till April this place is one “thing of beauty”, to behold in all the other months. Annual Temperatures ranges from 17°C to -10°C. You can imagine all the adventurous possibilities for yourself. Camping at Nako is a thing of charm.


Next to Nako is a beautiful and an remote village Chango famous for it’s unique culture.


Secured Border area of india with china is one of the most uncharted areas in the world even today, so much so that one needs a special permission to even go there. However the mind numbing views found there are all worth the trouble.