Dharamshala - Young India Adventure
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A picturesque Hill Station Located north west of the Capital City Shimla. We have some excellent packages for you at this Beautiful Cricketing Paradise like our adventure bucket offers where we give you ample adventure opportunities in just one package. You can also behold the beautiful Dhauladhar range up close from this beautiful hill station. Hub of the Tibetan culture in India, it will be a very distinct cultural experience for you. And our trained professionals will certainly enhance the experience of this beautiful hill city.


Triund hill is located at a distance of 3.9 Kms from the McLeod Ganj at the foot of the Dhauladhar ranges. Actually It is only a lovely relaxing trek away from McLeod Ganj. When you reach to the top you can get a tent accommodation there, and enjoy some stargazing at night. Triund has a lots of shops along the trek and on the hill as well. However, come packed with food items and other usual daily need stuff as goods are sold at an inflated rate due to extra transportation cost. Please don’t litter anywhere

Bhagsu Naag

An amazing waterfall located in the heart of McLeod Ganj. You can bathe here, take a small swim here as well if you want. You can visit the Bhagsu Naag temple too.

McLeod Ganj

 McLeod Ganj also known as “Little Lhasa”, because of this suburb’s popular Tibetan Culture. This place also has a very famous market full of anything you need, you can buy souvenirs, clothes, Himachal’s and Tibet’s traditional apparel etc. – here as well. Market sprinkled with a fair share of interesting food joints, a lovely place to spend your evenings at.

Namgyal Monastery 

A little Sub-Town Left to The main Spur of McLeod Ganj, Forsyth Ganj holds in place the Namgyal Tantric College, 14th Dalai Lama’s Personal Monastery also, it is famously known as The Namgyal Monastery.

Tsuglagkhang Temple Complex

One of the first Buddhist Monastic Complexes Built when in 1959 his holiness 14th dalai lama took refuge in India. It’s a very big temple complex with corridors laced with Buddhist Tapestry and Walls covered with paintings telling tales of the gods.

Kala Top

Touches base with the northern edge of khajjiar. It’s a National sanctuary with an area of 19.63km square. This place offers a lots of adventure opportunity as it has a dense network of trekking trails in the ball parks of 1100 to 2800. The scenery around is breath taking and you can also witness the realm of the Himalayan Wildlife if you are a wild life enthusiast.


This place with a fairly well stocked amount of adventure activities.  Is not considerable if you are only interested in hard core adventure, say like a treacherous trek through the Indrahar Pass. As it only offers some basic adventures like Burma bridge and Zorbing. If you see this place covered in a blanket of snow, you’ll surely come to know why is it hailed as the “mini Switzerland” of the east.


Peak of around 2800m gives you a clear view of river Ravi and its tributaries. Imagine how cool it will be if you can take some time out of your busy and tiring life  and spend a day just appreciating the beautiful canvas of nature spread out in front of your eyes. If you’re looking for such an experience please give us a chance to please you with this amazing opportunity. When you would have come back you’ll be in a state that will prove us confluently with your loved ones