Basic Adventure - Young India Adventure
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Basic Adventure

Burma Bridge

A Burma Bridge is a very thin but sturdy and a sinewy structure made out of two parallel ropes, one above the other, strung from poles/trees, at a height of approx. 25 feet. You and your friends/family are divided into teams of two to four individuals in a team. One participant from each team will climb the structure from two opposite ends using ladders and walk across the ropes to the center of the structure. Each of them will walk on one rope holding the other one from the shoulder for support. You will be secured with harnesses and the guiding/belay ropes will be handled by trained professionals. If you’re just looking to just try the bridge once, you can take the pleasure of that feline stroll across the canopy of the dense forest, before going out for any of the aforementioned competitions.


It has been since ages that Himachal has been a paradise for wild life enthusiasts. As the state brings a lot to the table in form of a variety of flaura and fauna, along with an amazing collection of diverse wildlife. Making it an ideal place to be at, if you’re looking to capture memories from the lens. We can even help you with a native professional tour guide to assist you, if you need one.

Trail Running

This is a very interesting sport where you just have to run across the mountains, along the river banks, or maybe crossing a few streams, and through the beautiful valleys. Trail running doesn’t have any distance specified as it depends on the natural length of the trail. Luckily, Himachal Pradesh has a lot of places, where you can go, test your fitness, and feel the connection with the nature ever so more.

Nature/Village Walk

We’ll take you on a wild journey into the woods, where you can take a good look at Mother Nature’s mesmerizing beauty. We can organize a great educational or a recreational trip, connecting you to the village life and the locals. This trip is best suitable for students or people who are keen at learning more about the nature practically.