Activity - Young India Adventure
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Adventure Tourism is a sub category of tourism that is rapidly rising in popularity. Where there is adventure, there is some risk involved and where there is risk there is thrill as all three go hand in hand. The search for thrill is usually the key motivation for the adventurers. The risk may vary from moderate to high in different types of adventures. So on the basis of the risk involved we classify the adventure in the following three categories

Basic Adventure

It is the least demanding adventure. It comprises of the journeys of discovery and involves little or no extended activity and are suitable for people with basic level of fitness and good health. It includes walks to the remote areas (with basic facilities) and may involve long travelling days. Sightseeing is another part which may be conducted on foot and the adventurers should be capable enough for carrying their own luggage.

Moderate Adventure

These trips involve trekking or walking, cycling, rafting. You will need a good level of fitness and must be strong enough to undergo these activities. These adventurous activities may involve carrying a full pack around 15kg. Adventurer must also be prepared for potential variable weather conditions.

Extreme Adventure

These adventures involve trekking, cycling, or rafting in remote areas which can be challenging for an individual. With remoteness comes potential to encounter variable weather conditions. The adventurer will need an excellent level of fitness and should be completely comfortable in adverse weather conditions and remote locations where evacuation maybe very difficult.